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Photo blog on the Splendours of Switzerland by rail Road Scholar program, where I am working as a group leader 15-29 August, 2010

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15th August, 2010 – Arrival – Zürich, Lucerne

2010.08.15. 21:46 Eva Borsos

 For the encouragement of many of my friends who followed our US trip last year ( I decided to write a blog about my Splendors of Switzerland by Rail trip, where I am working as a group leader for 2 weeks! This is a Road Scholar program – you can read the itinerary on the following link:

I arrived to Zurich last night and spent the night at the home of Andrea and Victor – the wonderful local organizer couple. We ate a great amount of fondue – Nr. 1 Swiss national dish – which was much-much better, then the one we ate last year out of a package...

The uniqueness of our journey is that we use only public transport to get around, so we all have a 2 weeks rail pass, which covers not only the extensive railroads of Switzerland but also most of the city buses, and gives us free entry to the museums as well.



Our group of 26 people arrived on 10 different flights so we split up into 3 groups to minimize waiting time – first group was taken by Andrea, second by me and the 3rd by Rauati, the lovely assistant of Andrea.




It took only 1 hour on a direct train to reach the center of Lucerne, and once we left the train, Victor took our luggage to the hotel and we got on a local bus – which was quite unusual looking. In addition to double length city bus it had a separate “carriage” attached to it so it was like a triple bus! Swiss do everything a little differently.


Our hotel (Hotel Royal) is situated in a hilly part of Lucerne just above the Casino. You can see some photos of the hotel and the view from the terrace, which is really breathtaking. It is run by a family, and they do a great job, everybody is really friendly and for our group they also offer meals what is delicious.




Lucerne is as beautiful as ever. High mountains surrounding a four-leaf clover shaped lake and as a crown on all these beauty, you find the lovely old town of Lucerne. It is so relaxed and so accessible on foot, that you just feel at home right away.

I felt very reassured that things did not change in Switzerland, when I found the “bathing house” at the lake side… I have never seen this phenomenon anywhere else only in Switzerland. Instead of just putting changing booths and an open shower at the lake side for those who wish to swim – here you find a very elaborate facility on the lake, where you can change, enjoy a drink, sunbath etc. once you paid the 5 Swiss Franc for it. Lake Lucerne is by the way 20 degrees Celsius (F68)   

All the real adventure will start tomorrow…


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What a heartache I can't be there, too!