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Photo blog on the Splendours of Switzerland by rail Road Scholar program, where I am working as a group leader 15-29 August, 2010

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16th August 2010, Lucerne – Transport Museum

2010.08.16. 23:11 Eva Borsos

This morning we started with two great lectures by Mr. Peter W. Frey, who is a journalist writing for the Tages Anzeige. First he covered the language and religious diversity of Switzerland then he explained us the reasons how Switzerland along with Japan developed a public transport system, where you do not want to drive a car. Trains are running every hour to major cities and in rush hour sometimes every 15 minutes.

We spent the afternoon in the largest Transport Museum of Europe (

We had a local lunch in the cafeteria (a kind of Swiss macaroni and cheese adding some potatoes as well). Then we explored the museum. Airplanes, trucks, cars, ships, submarines and of course trains.



Before the time of railroads rich people were carried up to see the panorama in these chairs…












Later around 1870’s they build the first European cogwheel Railway to Mt. Rigi (1800 m/6000 ft). The original engine was exhibited and we will take its modern version up to Mt. Rigi tomorrow! Here is a picture about the steepest cog railway which also happens to be just outside of Lucerne.  In 1889 with overcoming a gradient of 480‰ it went up to Mt. Pilatus (2132 m/7100ft). You can see Mt. Pilatus as the first picture. According to a local legend Pontius Pilate was burried here...












We also saw this lovely “tram” which was used to take around tourists at the end of the 19th century. No surprise everybody included Switzerland on the Grand European itinerary!












My favorite part was really all the kids activities. Although it was raining you can see how eagerly all these young constructors are fixing up the road!


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