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Photo blog on the Splendours of Switzerland by rail Road Scholar program, where I am working as a group leader 15-29 August, 2010

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17th August 2010 – Mt. Rigi and Lake Lucerne

2010.08.17. 22:33 Eva Borsos

Today we started with a history lecture which gave us a great background how the cantons have formed Switzerland and how is the political system structured. It is quite exciting that the politicians are only part time politicians, the parliament is in session only for 12 weeks and during the rest of the year they get back to their regular jobs.


Then we had a short city walk to explore the famous lion monument – according to Mark Twain this is the most moving piece of stone in the world.



Then we crossed the Chapel bridge which was build in the 14th century painted with frescos in the 16th century then burned down in 1993.  It has been reconstructed mostly but there are still some black panels. After a nice lunch in Hotel des Alpes at the foot of the Chapel bridge we got on a train to Arth Goldau (26 min).




Then we took the Cog-railway – the blue one - up to 1500 m (4500 ft) elevation to Mt Rigi (25 min).


Along our way we had waterfalls one after the other on one side we could see the cities and the valleys like miniature settlements for dolls.





Once we arrived we could hear the sounds of Switzerland the bells of the cows as we hiked about 1 hour.  Andrea gave us a “cow lecture” demonstrating it on the spot...







Then we took the red Rigi train down to Vitznau (25 min). Once down there we could see how they turn the engines on a turn table.









Then a short boat ride across Lake Lucerne (15 min) to catch the Paddle steamer Gallia, which was absolutely beautiful. During the 75 min cruise back to Lucerne we enjoyed our dinner in the first class salon restaurant and the marvelous view.





Sorry for not getting you sunnier pictures but the sun is supposed to return tomorrow, if St. Peter agrees who is responsible for the weather at this part of the world...

Instead here is a strawberry picture - our path was "paved" with wild strawberries and raspberries!


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