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Photo blog on the Splendours of Switzerland by rail Road Scholar program, where I am working as a group leader 15-29 August, 2010

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18th August - Lucerne to Interlaken

2010.08.18. 17:49 Eva Borsos

Today Andrea gave a lecture on the health care system, while we checked it out in practice with one of the participants – nothing serious. We went to the doctor’s office, which was very impressive. At the train station of Lucerne there is a 24 hour service, well equipped, with the usual Swiss efficiency. 

Then we said good bye to Lucerne and started towards Interlaken. You can see our view from the train window on the first picture.



The train lowered its cogwheels to climb up to the Brünig Pass, then we descended to Brienz lake and change direction in Meiringen. This town has the fame to produce the first meringue! In Brienz the train stopped for 4 minutes only. We had well organized teams to unload our luggage what only took I would say less than 2 minutes. As you can see some participants followed closely the route we were taking.









We got into a historic paddle steamer to cross the lake from Brienz to Interlaken. On our way we have seen a large waterfall. Interlaken is situated between 2 lakes on the Aare River.







From the train station we walked through the center of town. In Hotel Artos ( we were welcomed by local wine and introduction by a hotel representative to the facilities of the hotel. It is run by the Methodist Church and along a very nice modern hotel they also have a senior center incorporated in the building. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere with great service and free wellness facilities.

We had a lecture on the Alps and we learned that the Matternhorn (one of the symbols of Switzerland) was formed from the African tectonical plate, so there is a piece of Africa on the top of Switzerland.      


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