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20th August 2010 - Bern

2010.08.21. 07:43 Eva Borsos


After a great introduction to Bern in our classroom we headed out to the capital of Switzerland. Bern used to be a strong military power and its name literally means bear. This was the busiest city on our itinerary so far, but still not too bad.

The beautiful old town is situated on a high peninsula surrounded by the amazingly green Aare river. 


There are 4 parallel streets each decorated with fountains. On top of each fountain there are fantastic decorations, the most famous being the child eating ogre. You can drink from all of the fountains in Switzerland, unless otherwise marked!



We visited the Münster (we could call it the protestant cathedral) which is really breathtaking, then we had free time. Andrea provided us with lunch money, so everybody could decided where to eat. This worked out great.




There are several museums in Bern. I visited the History Museum, where they have a great exhibition about Albert Einstein, who used to work here.











The city also have a Paul Klee Center in a residential area. It was wonderful to have a museum pass included in our train pass.




I encountered something

very Swiss today. Walking across open gardens in Interlaken, I encountered a sign that you can cut flowers in a field and put the money in a sack on voluntary bases. Our local guide commented that years ago these sacks were not locked; now they are, but still – I can not imagine this system of selling flowers would work anywhere else in the world.



Since this was our last evening in Interlaken I went for a short walk. It was amazing to see the in most of the souvenir shops – selling Swiss army knives, cuckoo clocks and Swiss watches the shopkeepers are actually from Asia. There are many Japanese tourists in Interlaken, I assume this created this surprising situation.



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