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Photo blog on the Splendours of Switzerland by rail Road Scholar program, where I am working as a group leader 15-29 August, 2010

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21st August – Golden Pass, Alp, Montreux, Brig

2010.08.21. 21:40 Eva Borsos

This morning our luggage was loaded into the van of Victor, who delivered it for us to our next location.

We travel to Zweisimmen first where we got on 2 minibuses, which took us up on this one lane road to 1550 m (ca. 5000 feet) to a family run Alp. An alp is a place where the cows spend 3-4 months with grazing during the summer and the owners can produce cheese and other dairy products in the meantime.



This is a large alp with around 80-90 cows. They handle ca. 1200-2000 liter milk twice a day and they produce each day 8 big cheese (ca. 10 kilos/cheese – 20 pounds) and some smaller cheese, yoghurt and butter. After adding the bacteria to the milk and warming it, they press out the liquid, then they soak the cheese for 24 hours in salty water. The small cheese goes to the cellar for 2 months the big one at least for 6 months. They need to be brushed off with some water nearly each day. We tasted some fresh cheese some 2-3 year old one as well and they were really different but all delicious.












For lunch we had Raclette, this is also a locally made cheese, which melts easily. Under this special “oven” it melted and the “cheese maker” cut off the melted part for us. We ate some boiled potatoes and pickles with it. It was delicious.







After this fun experience we had some time for a short walk to enjoy the magnificent view.










In Zweisimmen we took the so called Golden Pass line to Montreux. Beautiful ride in the special cars with large windows even on the ceiling. We reached the French speaking territories and even the architecture changed.  We descended to Lake Geneva and spent a short time on the “Swiss Riviera”.  









In Montreux we also said good bye to our wonderful Rauati and we meet our new “assistant” Fabienne.

From here we followed the Rhone River valley which is a really fertile area with wonderful wine terraces and orchards along the way.







We arrived to Brig in the evening which is a beautiful town – we will spend 2 nights here in the Schlosshotel  – charming spot.


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